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Dear Church Family,

As you know by now things are changing rapidly as our nation and most of the world responds to the coronavirus issue. My main concern is you, our church family, that we aren’t feeling overwhelmed, confused or isolated about the current events that affect us all. God is still at work, even more so in a crisis, than when life is more predictable.

Just so you’ll know, we will be in touch with each of you on a regular basis even though for the time being we aren’t able to meet physically in our church building. By now most of you know the CDC has recommended no gatherings of more than 10 people. We are honoring that at least for now in an abundance of caution not out of fear or a lack of faith. At some point in the future we may need to take some risks to our health in order to minister to others. For now we can’t be the church if we spread this virus or become sick and are unable to help those who may need our assistance.

Today David and I are working on the technology side of using the church app and Facebook and other technologies to carry on the teaching/ Preaching/ communication and ministry aspects of our church. It’s mostly David figuring out the technical part but we are both working on it. It’s always been true that the Church gathers for training/teaching, encouragement, fellowship and prayer Acts 2:42. But it’s also true that the majority of our work is outsidethe church in our community and beyond. So now, for a time, since we can’t attend church services, it’s time to use all that we know about the Bible, in our community to share the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

Last Sunday, just 3 days ago I shared a message about how God can use every crisis. There are countless ways that’s true but I simply started with 

three. My text was Proverbs 3:5-6

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart;

do not depend on your own understanding.

Seek his will in all you do, 

and he will show you which path to take.” NLT

1.) Every Crisis Is An Opportunity To Trust The Lord.

2.) Every Crisis Reminds Christians God is Sovereign

3.) Every Crisis Is A Call To Faith And Repentance

There were some technical problems with the internet but David is working to put the sermon back together so it plays all the way through. 

That leads me to my next point, David is putting together some helps in using the church app, so that everyone can view the Sunday message online. We will have other content available online also and David can help you access it. There is more to come from me but just know that we need the Lord and each other now more than ever! For your part, stay in touch. You can call, text or email. Let us know how this is affecting you or those around you. Our prayers aren’t limited by the current crisis. 

Please pray for our elected and appointed government officials for wisdom. Pray for all medical personnel in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Regardless of what you think about this current situation, the reality is that some people have died, some are sick, and some will become sick and recover and some will die. People will be off work and not be paid. There are shortages. We will all be affected in some way. That’s a fact. 

The question is, will God’s people respond in faith, with courage and generosity or will we simply be driven by the same fears as those who don’t know Jesus Christ? I believe we will respond in the former rather than the later.


Pastor Lynn